The Canadian source for the  wholesale and distribution of the Vorgee & KoreDry brands
 ​​​Our Vision: To be a company that makes a positive difference everyday with the products it sells and in the communities it serves.

Our Mission: To serve reputable and ethical brands with an entry point into the Canadian market

About US:  JMC Distribution is an emerging force in the distribution of active lifestyle products. WE will provide Canadians with products that demonstrate great value for money, which are backed by ethical people and companies with a great message. 

JMC Distribution offers  companies the opportunity to access the Canadian market with ease.

JMC will be a full service partner whose service includes:

  • Warehousing product
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Experiential Marketing – communicating your message and  living your culture
  • Retail Marketing - We will make sure your product looks the way it should on store shelves

We Will Get Your Message Out:

Because the visibility of your product is paramount, we make sure your product is highly visible. We attend over 100 races, competitions, and events a year. With 25 years in the aquatics & sporting industry, we have a wealth of contacts across classic aquatic sports as well as new active lifestyle sports and events, which will allow JMC to reach a broad audience and effectively market your product and drive sales through a network of reputable retailers.  Successful brands don't wait for business to come to them, they create the market for themselves.  That’s what we do.

Why JMC Distribution?

We have a sales team comprised of members with significant experience in the aquatic world, as athletes, lifeguards, instructors & coaches
We have the support of some great influential people in the Canadian aquatic world.
We are well connected in the swimming world with over 25 years of on deck time in three provinces
We are extremely well versed in the culture of sports

A Company That Cares:

Our first priority is running a first class, profitable business. We do what we do for many reasons, one of which is to create the opportunity for us to give back. Giving back to the community and charitable organizations such as the YMCA OF CANADA and organizations like KidSport & Easter seals that aid in sport participation for underprivileged families is important to us.  By working with us, you are a partner in profit and in helping the community.