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In 1978, two young surfers, Marc Spitaleri and Greg Wade, bought a small wetsuit company to try their luck to make a big name in surfing in Huntington Beach. Over 40 years later and we’re still here, but time stands still for no one and through the years we’ve grown and adapted: we switched from wetsuits to rashguards, and went from surf to SUP and beyond, Greg moved on to start his own company and it became more of a family business with Marc’s daughter helping take over.

We make 100% of all products in our ‘little’ factory in Huntington Beach, CA (visitors welcome to check it out!) where we bring in the rolls of fabric (including from a US mill), cut, sew and print meaning we can keep a close eye on quality from start to finish.

Making everything here has given us so many great opportunities as well as the flexibility to continually innovate and do better.

When we were making wetsuits in the 80’s and 90’s we revolutionized wetsuits launching glued and blind-stitched seamed products to the surf and water sports marketing, changing how wetsuits were made. We helped design and create the first modern triathlon wetsuit and for a period of time even made women’s neoprene bathing suits before making a

Now we’ve moved on to something bigger and even better- Victory Koredry. Working with a great US mill, we created an innovative new product that is both water-resistant and breathable and dried fast, making it perfect for most water sports which we knew well enough coming out of surf. But we found out that SUP was a different kind of playground than old-school surf, and we’ve had some fun in this fast new market.

A few years ago we created an event based on a fusion of surf and SUP right beside the iconic Huntington Beach pier, called Surf Race to Victory (some call it SUPCross, which isn’t too far off the mark) that we host ever Fall.

We’ve continued to expand and improve our products over the years for high quality gear that’s comfortable and keeps you ready for anything. We’re always happy to hear feedback from customers and work to do better (just ask for Kailea).e your paragraph here.